Wekan is an open-source collaborative table application in kanban mode. For your personal work or your work team, this kanban painting will help you organize your tasks and improve your productivity.

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What is Wekan?

Wekan is an online collaborative task manager. It allows project management facilitated by the development of “todo lists” (to be done). Wekan offers a lot of features for a very complete service and adapted to complex projects.

Wekan the principle of “kanban” invented by Toyota late 40s to optimize the productivity of its factories. It proposes to organize your workspace (or “workflow”) via a system of small cards (“cards” or “post-it”) to move on boards (“boards”). Each vertical line allows you to signify the progress of the various tasks in progress, planned or realized in your project.


For this, Wekan allows you:

  • Organize your projects,
  • Define tasks,
  • Team working,
  • Follow the progress of your project.


  • Views, sorted by users,
  • Email notifications of your employees,
  • Multiple projects
  • You can include images, videos and documents to your projects.

Wekan in action