Hosting For Freedom

We at IndieHosters believe that the combination of Free, Libre and Open Source Software and a Fair Web Service is the only way to decentralize and democratize the web. It is important to bring back diversity to a monopolistic market, dominated by Internet giants such as GAFAM (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft). They lock in the data of their users and thus tie them to their services. We at IndieHosters believe that the only way to guarantee a free and thriving web is to facilitate and ease data migration.

With IndieHosters you stay independent and have the same freedom and control over your data as when self-hosting. In Europe alone there are 23 other Nextcloud providers with different features. IndieHosters offers the integration of your email into the cloud and a handpicked collection of collaboration softwares. By testing and electing our products for our own use, we are able to guarantee professional expertise, fair pricing and maximum sustainability for your data and environment. Signing up is easy, signing out as well.

To get you started, our freedom bundles provide you with a fair alternative to google drive or dropbox. For a facebook alternative we install Mastodon or Rocketchat for you. For your independent website choose a static website. As with the bundles, you can either get a shared instance or a private one for each product in the shop.

For further Free, Libre and Open Source collaboration tools, contact us and we helps you to pick and install the best ones. Pricing depends on the usefulness for our general user base and can be negotiated. Another solution in this case can be actual self-hosting and distribution of your own service to others. The more hosters the merrier!

Finally, if you believe in democracy, freedom of Speech and privacy, IndieHosters is the right place for your data and your digital identity. With IndieHosters everything you say and publish belongs to you and the sustainability of your data is no longer at the mercy of Internet giants. Your data and meta data is only collected for the purpose of internal, anonymous statistics and not sold, exploited or used to exercise manipulative influence over you and others.

It’s our web, it’s our digital identity and it’s your data! Get libre and remember: if it’s for free you are the product. comic about page