Terms of Service


Indiehost offers a hosting service for online applications.

The IndieHost brand is operated by IndieHosters association.

contact@indie.host 69300 Caluire-et-Cuire - France

This site is hosted by IndieHost in Germany on servers operated by Hetzner.

Cookies Exemption

IndieHost is exempt from requesting prior consent from its users for cookies conforming to article 32-II of the law of 6 January 1978, amended by ordinance n°2011-1012 of 24 August 2011 (transposed directive 2009/136/CE).

IndieHost uses a libre tool to anlyse user visits (Matomo) installed and anaged by IndieHost.

Our visitors are informed via these legal note. They have the technical means at their disposal to deactivate the saving of this cookie. Furthermore our statistics are anonymized and do not gather geographical information more precise than the country.



These terms of use apply to online services offered by IndieHost, the complete list of which can be found at https://indie.host/shop.

In using this service, you accept to be bound by the following conditions. IndieHost reserves the right to update and modify these conditions at any time. All modifications to these terms of service are announced on the cloud and/or the IndieHost forum.


IndieHost offers a hosting service for digital online tools.

Charter and Commitments

IndieHost commits to respecting the Charter defined by the CHATONS collective, notably to: - Not implement tools to track use of services other than for statistical or administrative purposes - Not place advertising on our tools - Publish anonimized usage statistics - Never assume any proprietary rights to content, data and metadata produced by our users - Exclusively use software that is distributed under free and open source licenses - Never track or surveil our user’s actions other than for administrative purposes, technical purposes or internal improvement to our services


IndieHost rents its servers from Hetzner.

The software infrastructure used by IndieHost is documented and distributed under a libre license: https://libre.sh

Support & Accompaniment

Except in the case of prior agreement between both parties, support requests are handled between 0900 and 1800 CET, excluding weekends an dpublic holidays. Consequently, IndieHost can not guarantee technical interventions outside of these hours.

Infrastructure Support

Included in the Hosting service

IndieHost ensures that the server infrastructure is up to date, free of bugs and security weaknesses and that installed applications can function as expected.

IndieHost ensures that its Service Availability is greater than 99%. Apart from exceptional circumstances, an average of 2 hours of downtime per month is to be expected to allow for server and application upgrades.

IndieHost commits to alerting the customer, apart from in exceptional circumstances, 4 days prior to any such update or maintenance downtime periods.

Conditions of Use

These conditions concern all IndieHost services. By subscribing to the service, you tacitly accept the following conditiosn of use:

Editing and sharing data

Users may not send, upload, publish, distribute or share any content of an illegal, defamatory, harrassing, abusive, fraudulent, counterfeit, obscene or otherwise reprehensible nature.

IndieHost claims no rights to any of the user’s data nor data transmitted from the user’s account.

IndieHost will not use the user’s content for any other purpose than to provide the service

The user may not upload or make available any content that undermines the rights of another

IndieHost can, if necessary, delete or prevent the sharing of all content on the service that does not respect these conditions.

Data Integrity

IndieHost ensures daily backups to prevent data loss. Backups are conserved for a period of 30 days.

IndieHost can not be held liable for the integrity of data nor the consequences of data loss.

IndieHost recommends that its clients maintain local backups to ensure their data integrity.

Personal Data and Respect of Privacy

In accordance with article 34 of the “Informatique et Libertés” law, IndieHost guarantees the user the right to refuse, access and rectify any personal data that concerns them. The user can exercise this right via the contact form put at their disposal.

To use certain parts of the IndieHost service you must create an account. IndieHost requests certain personal data : a valid email address and a password that is used to protect your account against any unauthorized access. The fields “Last Name” and “First Name” may be required for proper functioning of the software but do not necessarily need to correspond to your true identity. As with other online services, IndieHost automatically saves certain data concerning your use of the service and your account (e.g. used storage space, number of logins, activity), data shown or clicked (e.g. links, user interface elements) and other ideentifying information (e.g. navigator, IP address, date and tim eof login, URL). We use these data internally to improve the user interface of the tools and services provided by IndieHost and to maintain a coherent and stable user experience. These data are neither sold nor shared with any third parties.

Advertising and Promotion

IndieHost can, with the client consent, promote its supply of services to the client in advertising, conferences, professional events and associated documents such as brochures and posters.


Any failure to insist at any time upon the performance of any of the terms, provisions or undertakings contained in these terms or to exercise any rights thereunder shall not constitute or be construed as a waiver thereof or a relinquishment of rights to require the future performance of any such term, provision or undertaking.